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Lia Love

Lia is a Relational Intimacy Guide, Certified Somatic Sexological Bodyworker, Voice Dialogue facilitator, Ancient Ways practitioner, Dragon and Priestess of the Blue Rose Magdalen Lineage.

”Combining the tools of devotional practice, conscious-touch coaching with psycho- spiritual parts-work, ancestral healing, the Human Design bodygraph, I am passionate about supporting individuals and couples to bring conscious Awareness into the relational field of intimacy, supporting individuals and couples on their journey of embodied consent, sovereignty and empowerment to show up in their fullness in service to all Life and our conscious evolution.”

My work

Lia offers this work as a path to embodiment, allowing access to the full breadth and depth of our body’s spectrum of somatic experiencing. Bringing a culture of radical acceptance for all the parts of our system, Lia utilises the pioneering science of neurobiology learnt in her Somatic Sexological Bodywork training and the Model of Consciousness embedded in the Voice Dialogue modality to support the unwinding and metabolising of inherited and experienced trauma, allowing and enabling more freedom and real choice for her clients.


I’ve has sessions with Lia both in Voice Dialogue and Sexiological Bodywork. I continue to feel incredibly grateful for the ways and depths in which Lia is able to hold space. Not only is she very present with me, but I experience her as having deep layers of understanding of complex psychologies and systems, so that when I share what’s going on for me, she is able to witness, empathise and reflect using a solid tapestry of methodologies that she weaves seamlessly, in an embodied way, with so much heart and love. So I feel very held and seen not just as an individual but in the context of my social and cultural existence, and her deep and wide insights help me bring more compassion to my wounded and hurting parts. As a result I feel less like the problem is in me, and more able to see patterns that are societal inherited and common, which helps me feel less alone, relieved, softer and therefore more empowered and motivated to tend to what wants tending to. I highly recommend Lia as a skilled facilitator and space-holder.


Lia Love is a great facilitator - she has a warm easy and welcoming manner and possesses a depth of understanding of the whole Voice Dialogue process through the many years of training that she has done with us. She is a rising star among the new facilitators in the field, her hall mark being to walk her talk, to disentangle the many strands of the inner process with care, intelligence, compassion and integrity, and to give support and encouragement to her clients from a deeply heartfelt place in herself. We highly recommend Lia as a Voice Dialogue facilitator.

Trilby Fairfax